World War 1

you will research and prepare a 1250 to 1500 word scholarly, college-level essay that responds to the following prompt:
Scholars have argued that the most important and consequential event in 20th century European history was the First World War. What historical evidence or scholarly analysis supports this argument? Given the evidence and analysis you have identified in your own research, do you believe that the argument is persuasive? If so, why? If not, why not?

Your essay should not be a personal reflection or a “creative writing” piece. Rather, it should be an analysis of both the current scholarly thinking on the subject matter, supported by historical evidence regarding the topic. I am not looking for your own speculation or personal opinion regarding the subject matter, but your analysis of the work of scholars in this area and your own synthesis of their arguments and conclusions. How did World War I change Europe? You might consider one particular aspect and focus on that aspect–for example, how did World War I change the European political order? Or, how did World War I change warfare? Or, how did World War I impact diplomacy and diplomatic relations between European states? There are many possibilities.

Your bibliography must include at least two primary sources and a minimum of two articles from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Use of Wikipedia, an encyclopedia or other non-academic sources is not permitted. You must read, digest, and analyze the source material you uncover in your research and shall cite to it extensively in the text of your essay. All factual material and matters of scholarly analysis and opinion must be followed by a citation in the proper form, according to the MLA handbook. All of the work cited in your bibliography should also be cited to in the text of your essay.

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