Phycological effects of Racism

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As specifically as possible, what is your paper going to teach me?
My paper will show that although the government supported, and legal, act of owning a person and having them to work as your slave in the United States of America is no longer legal, it still has lasting psychological effects on its citizens, even those who were in the ruling class during the times of slavery. It will prove false any idea of the positive effects of slavery. Also, the paper will shine a light on how the dos and donts taught to slaves still live on in the ancestors of slavery. Finally, it will highlight that fact that an entire race of people have been systematically oppressed each and every day since they were said to have been freed.
1. What is the proposed title of your paper? (You do not have to stay with this title if you come up with something better while writing the paper.)
The proposed title is: Free your mind and future generations will follow.
1. What do you think I already know about this topic? Why do you have those suspicions about me?
I believe that you know that slavey was a vile and vicious institution created to satisfy the unbridled greed of a cruel and sadistic people. I arrive at this conclusion because I believe that you are a citizen of the United States and therefore no matter which part of slavery your ancestors participated in you are aware of it and how it took families from their home country, enslaved them, beat them, worked them (against their will and without pay) and even killed them (among other vile acts).
1. What is the aim (goal) of the paper? List at least two, preferably three.
The aim of this paper is to enlighten the reader as to why this country is the way that it is today; why some people act and think the way that they do about the other races in this country. Hopefully, it can bring about some personal changes in us which can make our neighborhood, town, city, state or country better in the long run, when it comes to race relations in this country.
1. What do you need to be successful in accomplishing your aims?
In order to accomplish the goals of this paper I will need vetted research, my own person experiences and observations, the experiences of people I know and I will need readers with and open mind. Also needed will be research from psychologist and observers of the human condition within this country. Accounts from those who experienced slavery first hand and well as stories passed down through the generations.
1. Why is it important that I (you) learn about this subject?
It is very important to learn about this subject so that history will not repeat itself. Furthermore, knowledge of this subject can go a long way toward understanding why some races have certain values and customs. Behavior can also be understood more easily if this subject is dealt with in an open and honest way.
1. What problems do you anticipate having while you work on this paper? (None is not an acceptable answer.)
Anticipated problems include (but are not limited to) finding truthful, accurate and complete accounts of the events which may have sparked or perpetuated a certain psychological effect within the people of slavery and their subsequent generations. Many events have been kept secret or covered up over the years in an effort to spare the perpetrators embarrassment (can you imagine).
1. What is the originality of your topic?
This topic has been written and talked about for many years. Simply put, its origins stem from the very first ideal of slavery (whether it was the slavery spoken of even before Biblical days or just the idea of slavery in the U.S.). The very idea that one could own another human being, had psychological effect on the one imagining the crime long before the crime was committed. It could even be argued that either the disinclination of laziness or the selfishness of greed could have been the birth place of the psychological effects of slavery, since they were the driving forces behind it.
1. Will your research involve more primary sources or secondary sources? Defend your decision. My research will most likely use more secondary sources. This is mainly because there were few slaves or recently freed slaves writing about the psychological effects of slavery. Once removed from slavery and the desperation of survival immediately after their emancipation, former slaves and their descendants could then turn their attention to its effects.
2. What kind of sources will you be using in your research? (Check all that apply)
_X___ Books _X___ magazines _X___ Online databases _X___ internet websites
_X___ Newspapers, videos, personal interviews