Ahmed Sirhindi

This paper will be about Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi, and his critique of Wahdat Al Wujud and the Sufis before him. Explain why he rejected the concept of Wahdat Al Wujud and why he preferred his own concept: Wahdat Ash-Shuhud (Oneness of Appearance).


Support your argument or exposition with short, well-chosen quotations documented in footnotes, ideally formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Avoid informal/colloquial language, including contractions.

More words does not mean a higher grade. Revise and refine the best piece of writing you can compose within the word limit.

Multi-sentence/block quotations do not count toward fulfilling the required word count.

*If you are writing a philosophical paper, you may use the historical-present tense (Chicago Manual of Style 5.129): for example, Ibn Arab states [=present tense]. . ., the Hn Kitb authors claim [=present tense] . . ., etc.*

Use God, not Allah.

Include a word count, omitting the words in the paper heading (name, date, etc.), at the end of the paper. OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE NEEDED, BUT PLEASE USE SOURCES PROVIDED.

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