Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Science

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NSG 501: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Science

Concept Analysis Paper

This assignment is designed for the student to examine the antecedents, attributes, and consequences of a concept. The student will identify a strong definition of this concept. If there is none, the student will develop one. The student will explore a concept, and then analyze that descriptive word and its use in literature. Steps from Wilson’s Concept Analysis will be used (Walker & Avant, 2019, p.170).

The body of the paper should not exceed 10 pages. Grading is according to the Grading Rubric for Written Assignments found in the first content section of the course in D2L.

Follow these steps while completing the project:

1. Introduction

2. Select a concept relevant to nursing.

3. Determine the purposes of analysis.

4. Identify the uses of the concept (Literature Review).

5. Determine the concept’s defining attributes, antecedents, and consequences.

6. Construct a model case.

7. Conclusion

For the paper the concept is hope. I need a miniumum of 7 referenccixes but more can be used. thanks!