Nursing Model for the Theoretical Framework of process improvement

Assignment II Nursing Model for the Theoretical Framework Assignment.

At this point, you should have some ideas on how you will develop your comparison intervention for your PICOT question. You have completed the first (PICOT Question and Problem) and second (Literature Critique) steps in writing the Process Improvement proposal. The next step is incorporating the nursing model that best fits the project. Use the knowledge and resources from BSN420 Nursing Theory to select a theory or model that you believe fits your project. After choosing the model for the framework of your process improvement proposal, you will write an APA style paper incorporating the following criteria:
1. Why you selected the model for your project.
2. How the central concepts of the model are defined and applied to your project.
A nursing model is only part of what will comprise the total theoretical framework for this project. You may take the model and begin to pull together a diagram of the framework specific to your project. In BSN485 Nursing Leadership and Management, you will add a change model and maybe a teaching model, based on your proposal. Students are required to use the template provided.
The paper must adhere to the following criteria:
The cover page must include the following:
Title of the paper
The students name.
Course number and name
Instructors name
Date submitted.
The assignment must have a minimum of two references.
All references must be cited within the text and all in-text citations must have a reference.
The paper must be written in APA format using 7th edition.
The paper must have an introduction and a conclusion.
The paper must have a separate references page formatted in APA style.
The paper must be a minimum of two double-spaced pages, which does not include the cover and reference pages.

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