In what ways is Rose limited or defined by gender expectations of the time period?

For your research essay, you will have several topics from which to choose; choose only one topic:

In what ways do race and racism affect the characters in the play? (Choose 2-4 characters to argue)

In what ways is Rose limited or defined by gender expectations of the time period?
Argue about the purpose of the role that baseball imagery plays in Wilsons Fences. Examine it on both a literal and figurative level.

Explain the significance of the title of the play, Fences, for the 2-4 characters of your choice, and discuss the various levels of meaning in the title.

Argue for or against Troy as a sympathetic character, providing proof for your assertion. NOTE: I am not asking here whether Troy has sympathy for others in the play, but rather if the audience is meant to have sympathy for him.

This paper will be similar to your first paper in that you will have an argument (a thesis) and will be citing lines from the work to prove your assertion. The difference with this paper is that you will be adding one additional layer: quotes from at least two academic critics. This will add authority to your argument.
Your essay will have at least three sources: one primary source (the play) and two secondary sources (critical articles). Each of these sources will appear on your Works Cited page and in the text of your paper.


All sources must be represented within the text of the essay, which means that you must cite each source at least once (including the play). You will follow the MLA format for citing these sources. And you must use quotations from the play (the primary source) to support your analysis.

Your essay must also have a Works Cited page that lists the outside sources used in your essay, as well as the play. It will be written according to the MLA format. It does not count toward the required length of the essay.
Other Requirements:

Your essay should be at least 1000 words in length.
The Works Cited does not count in this total.
This paper must be in third person (no “I” or “you”).

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