The Past, Present, and Future of Counseling

The history of the counseling profession is filled with stories of the people and events that helped shape it and make it what it is today. The field has been influenced by multiple historical events, societal needs, and social contexts. The counseling profession continues to evolve through unique approaches and philosophies from the counseling field and from contributions of the American Counseling Association (ACA), American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), and the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).
For this Assignment, you will examine historical contributions to the identity of the mental health counseling profession, you will discuss how this field differs from other helping fields, and you will analyze a future direction in the field and how it might affect you in your professional role.
To Prepare:
• Review Chapter 1 of the Erford course text in this week’s Learning Resources, and select one historical figure (a person) to discuss in your paper.
• From Chapter 1, select one future direction (from the section “Where We Are Going,” beginning on p. 22) to discuss.
• Use for the 3rd paragraph to integrate, I attached a scholarly article pertaining to the historical figure and/or to the future direction chosen as a future counselor/therapists with a focus on family and underserved youth as my direction to write about in paper. You can add your own 2 pertaining to family and underserved youth counseling.
• Use the Research Paper Template. Refer to your American Psychological Association (APA) manual to assist you in the proper use of APA.

Assignment: (2 pages, excluding Title Page and Reference Page)
Include the following sections:
• Part 1 – Present
o What is counseling?
o How does it differ from other helping professions?
o Summarize the philosophical underpinnings of the counseling profession.
• Part 2 – Past
o Looking historically, if you showed Part I of your paper to the historical figure you chose, how would this figure handle it? Would the figure be shocked, mildly surprised, or in complete agreement? How would the figure respond?
• Part 3 – Future
o Discuss the future direction you selected that most excites you, and explain how it will enhance your professional practice as a counselor. The counselor/therapists with a focus on family and underserved youth as my direction to write about in paper
Be sure to use proper APA format and citations.


3. Article : Examination of Family Counseling Coursework and Scope of Practice for Professional Mentcixal Health Counselors

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