1. The response paper should be 2 pages (single spaced). Please make sure to weave the items below into a comprehensive paper (do not simply answer the questions). Additionally, please make sure to detail the events in the play, I do not want the story of OEDIPUS but
rather the plays events. Please make sure whole assignment is in own words, no plagiarism. Quote text and cite if need be.

Needs to be included in your paper:

Time- when was it written and does it need to be produced in this period?
Place- where is the location: specifically and geographically
Events- detail the events that happen in the play in full. Additionally, explain the rising acting, climax and resolution
Characters- give names and relationships of the main/important characters
Theme- what is the theme: why did the playwright write this story

2. Please create a list of 20 Theater venues (not movie theatres) in our area (within 60 miles). These should be labeled as- professional, college, and community, list the city in which it resides, and the last two theatre seasons of shows. Compile and organize this information into a spreadsheet or chart. You should have a mix of professional, college and community theaters.

*I only have limited funding but I really need this assignment. Please try to be as detailed as possible and try to add as much information as you can and make it as long as possible. This assignment is really supposed to be 2 pages but I have limited funding. This assignment is a big one so it has 2 parts. Please do both parts. For the second part please do it as best as you can, if you need to use google docs, Microsoft word, anythicixng like that please do.*

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