How does your position advance the well-being of people or society?

Case Study Analysis Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to demonstrate your grasp of the approaches to ethical reasoning discussed by applying these frameworks to a concrete situation. Your text list four methods for ethical reasoning in Figure 5.6 as Virtues, Utilitarian, Rights, and Justice. The text provides some information about what these methods are and how to use them, but you will likely need to do more research on them (and cite it) for your submission.

Your response should not to exceed two pages in length, double spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman. Save the file as: FirstName.LastName.CaseStudy (Johnson.Varghese.CaseStudy)

To complete the assignment, you will:

Read the Forbes article found on this page: CEO Pay Skyrockets To 361 Times That Of The Average Worker
Respond to this prompt:
The article states that “the average wage – adjusted for inflation — has stagnated for more than 50 years. Meanwhile, CEO’s average pay since the 1950s has grown by 1000%.”

There is little question that this is the way of the world, especially for US-based corporations, but is it right? In ethics, the question of right is a question of should, so in asking if it is right you are asking should it be this way.

State and explain the ethical issue and then state your position on the issue (the CEO to average worker pay gap). Should it be more? Should it be less? Is it just right?

Using one (or more) of the four methods of ethical reasoning you have been provided make a case for how CEO pay should be. Your opining should be limited to stating your position. Everything else should line up with, or come out of, one of these methods of ethical reasoning. Each of these frameworks promotes human and social well-being in its own way, shape your position to fit into that basket.
(You have limited space, so you don’t need to explain or describe your framework, just assume everyone knows what you mean when you say, “according to a utilitarian/rights/virtue model we should yadda yadda”)

Finally, this should be written and formatted to read as a report submitted to corporate leadership (e.g., left aligned, no paragraph indentations).

Important Considerations:

Why did you select this approach?
How does your position advance the well-being of people or society?
Are you thinking about this issue in 360 degrees? Consider – what aren’t you considering?
CITE EVERYTHING that is not an original thought from your head. Any style works (APA, MLA, etc.) but whether it comes from the prompt, the textbook, or some other place, you must make reference to using another’s work. The citations count separately from the response page count.
You are to reach out to me with any questions about the assignment.

Save the file as: FirstName.LastName.CaseStudy (Johnson.Varghese.CaseStudy) when you submcixit it. Rubric here: ECA Rubric.pdf

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