dental school paper ” why us”

Why do you want to pursue your dental education at New York University College of Dentistry? i want to talk about (1)able to obtain most hands on experience (2)Community engagement:Smiling Faces, Going Places, which travels to dentally underserved areas throughout New York City to provide critically needed dental services; sponsors free oral health and oral cancer screenings for thousands of New Yorkers annually; and has established a global outreach model that delivers essential care to populations in need and provides participants with a unique service-learning experience(3) as a minority, I enjoy a city with divisity. (4) especially interested in : DDS/MBA PROGRAM.The program’s mission is to develop outstanding dentist leaders, skilled in both dentistry and management, to take positions of influence through which they will contribute substantially to the health and well-being of individuals and society. for example,, balance medical needs with economic realities, reduce costs to patients while increasing quality,

plz say those in your own words, refcixer to the template I uploaded

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