From 1842 to 1860, on what grounds did Americans support and condemn slavery?

The goal of the assignment is to show your mastery of the documents, individually and collectively. Therefore, while each paper need not address every document, each paper should use most of them. Conclusions based on certain documents should not be contradicted by other documents unless you acknowledge the contradictions and take them into account.

The instructor recommends that students prepare for writing, after reading the documents, by thinking about the questions we can ask of documents generally. While students are not required to discuss their paper with the instructor, the instructor will readily communicate with students about ideas, questions, or concerns about the paper.

Papers will be graded on the basis of 1) the quality and accuracy of their prose; 2) how well these directions have been followed; and 3) how well the presentation and discussion reflect an understanding of the documents and the issues that connect them.

While students should feel free to discuss the documents and talk to fellow students or other persons when considering what to write, the actual papers must be the student’s own work. Plagiarism, the use of someone else’s ideas or words without acknowledging them as such, is a serious academic offense. Any suspected cases of plagiarism will be dealt with in the strictest fashion, according to the rules governing academic dishonesty as found in the student handbook.

Practical matters:

1. Title your paper, indicating the general content of the paper, on a separate title page.

2. The opening paragraph should state a clear thesis, and the body of the paper should be organized into distinct paragraphs that use specific evidence in support of the original thesis. A brief conclusion should summarize the main points of the paper.

3. Almost all of the paper should be focused on primary documents. When quoting from documents, you MUST use quotation marks to indicate whose words you are using. Whether quoting or paraphrasing from any documents or the introductory material, you MUST cite the original, using APA format.

4. While use of helpful or illustrative quotations is encouraged, make sure that most of your paper is your writing, your ideas, your analysis.

5. Proofread your paper carefully and take advantage of proofreaders through Brainfuse. There should be no spelling errors, typographical mistakes, or ungrammatical sentences. Papers with errocixrs will be severely penalized.

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