Explained Episode about Attraction from the Episode Explained in Netflix. Episode 2

Response to Explained EpisodePlease be sure to respond to ALL aspects of the prompt clearly, completely, and concisely Now that youve watched this Explained episode…
1) Identify something in the video that surprised you (i.e., something that you didnt know before and/or didnt expect). Why did it surprise you?Please aim to write 3-5 sentences for this response.
2) Identify something that you already knew and/or werent surprised to learn. Do you think this is common knowledge (i.e., many people know this), or did you have a personal experience that lead to you already knowing this information? Please aim to write 2-4 sentences for this response.
3) Identify a question that you still have about this topic (i.e., what question is still left unanswered about this topic, even after watching this episode)? Why is this something others should be curious about as well?Please aim to write 3-5 sentences for this response.
4) Please identify one term from our textbook and describe how it is related to this Explained episode.PLEASE SYNTHESIZE THE MEANING OF THE TERM, by applying it to your connection to the Explained episode. DO NOT simply copy and paste the definition Please also highlight, bold, or underline the term (its okay to use more than one term in your response, but please highlight/bold/underline only one term) this is the one Dr. Rojo will grade your understanding of) you have selected in your response. Please aim to write 3-5 sentences for this response.
Word highlight : Erogenous Zones and Primary erogenous Zones.
Please see attached example how the instructor wants the paper to be done. Do not plagiarism or used the paper words to write the paper for me .
FYI: I have not getting good grades on the paper because of the grammars not properly used. Please can we find me an expect , and that is good in grammar to write that paper for me please .

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