Describe why data security is important to the stakeholders at SNHU Clothing. After reviewing your labs/videos, what can you provide for rationale? Include details.

This milestone activity is the first of two milestones that will build toward completing your final project for the course. For this milestone activity, youll submit a completed worksheet in which youll address rubric criteria related to SNHU Clothings business needs, current client systems, and means of accessing data. See the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric for detailed information about the SNHU Clothing scenario for the final project. Your worksheet responses will inform the development of the first part of your final project. The first part is a detailed report on how information is gathered by SNHU Clothing from the perspective of a business analyst.

Your detailed responses to each question in the worksheet should be written in complete sentences in your own words. (You may paraphrase information from the learning resources, but do not directly quote or copy and paste text.) Include citations for your resources using APA style guidelines.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Identify at least two business needs related to data technology for SNHU Clothing with a clear description.
Provide a few short sentences describing each business need. What goals are driving SNHU Clothing forward? What challenges does SNHU Clothing face as an organization? Research what a business needs for the merger of the two companies. (Remember that we are merging the databases.)
Describe different types of data that might be stored in client systems at SNHU Clothing. Identify at least two types of data that may be needed to address each business need.
Be detailed about the two types of data stored. In a few short sentences, explain why you chose this data to address the business needs.
Describe the current client systems in the organization and how they reflect business needs.
SNHU Clothing has identified one client system. What additional client system can you refer to that you have learned from this weeks text materials? How do you distinguish between the systems? How do these client systems reflect SNHU Clothings business needs?
Describe how the client systems relate with one another.
Consider the systems differences and similarities when describing the relationships. SNHU Clothing has provided one, but this system is not always the best.
What did you select in the previous question?
How will you suggest merging these two different types of client systems?
You may use a combination of text and visuals, such as a flowchart, to show the relationships.
Explain how to find out what information is currently available.
What additional steps might you take as a database designer/administrator? Who would you interact with, and why?
Identify where and how data is stored in sufficient detail.
Do you think the current data storage location and approach are efficient? Explain why or why not.
Identify types of tools that could be used to collect the data needed to address SNHU Clothings business needs.
Explain why these types of tools are appropriate. Per the labs in MyMISLab this week, what tools did you discover that would work to obtain data? Simply stating reports is not sufficient.
Describe why data security is important to the stakeholders at SNHU Clothing.
After reviewing your labs/videos, what can you provide for rationale? Include details.