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An academic book review has several important components. It is not at all the same as a high school book report. Book reviews are, by nature, short. However, short does not necessarily translate to easy. Like any piece of writing with space constraints (think op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, employment cover letters, and college admissions essays), you have a limited number of words to use in getting across to your reader a number of key ideas. This kind of writing is incredibly tight; every word counts so you must choose your words very judiciously.

An academic book review is a critical review of a recently published book in Sociology. Your goal for this review is to critically review your chosen book, giving serious consideration to its arguments, strengths, and weaknesses.

Assignment parameters
Your book review should be between 800 and 1200 words. Sometimes there is wiggle room in word counts; this is not one of those times. Please include your word count at the bottom.
Please use 11 or 12-point font and choose a standard font such as Times.
Please edit beautifully for spelling, punctuation, organization, and writing mechanics.
The tone of this paper should be formal and appropriate for publication in a journal or newspaper.
Make sure to include all of the major components of a book review: an introduction with thesis, a summary of the author’s argument, information about the author, and a summary of the book’s contents, strengths, weaknesses, and conclusion.
Please include a citation of your book at the bottom in ASA format (not included in your word count).
For guidance on ASA, see (Links to an external site.)

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