After completing each part of the annual report, you are now ready to submit the final version that includes all parts 1-10 and a brief powerPoint presentation.

Guidelines on the presentations will be as follows:
Now that all of you have handed over your project, you can make a brief presentation on either Wed 6/23 or Thur 6/24.
I don’t have specific preference on how you should make your presentation. However, your presentation should cover important details on all ARP 1 through ARP10. Below are suggested information that you may include in your PowerPoint slides.
1. Summary of Company’s backgrounds: founders, nature of business, Primary products, where it operates, stock price at the beginning of the project and the price at the end of project (Refer to ARP 1-2). Why did you select this company? Do you have experience with its products, do you want to own shares of this company, etc? Don’t spend too much time on history!
2. Financial Statement Analysis (Income statement and balance sheet):
a. Summary of company’s revenues, expenses, and income pattern (ARP5)
b. The composition of assets, relationship between assets and liabilities and Liabilities and equity (ARPs, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9). What can you conclude vis-avis the industry?
c. Calculations of various ratios to assess the company’s liquidity, financial flexibility, profitability, and compare over the two year periods as well as comparison to the industry averages (ARP 4-9). What can you say?
3. Discuss the significant accounting methods chosen by the company
4. Statement of Cash Flows Analysis (ARP10)
5. Auditor’s Report (What type of auditor’s report…is it a clean unqualified/unmodified opinion? How do you know?). Why is this important?
6. Summary of recommendation: A family member of yours has some money and is considering investing in the company you have just analyzed, do you recommend buying share of stock of this company based on your details analysis. Provide justification of your recommendation? What are the reasons for your recommendation of buy or not to buy?
7. Finally, tell me one thicixng you learned from this project?

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