5.3 – Assignment: Case Study – Marketing in Action (PLG1)

Words: 438
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

Marketing in Action: Low Cost Airlines Take Off
Airplane on runway showing partial fuselage and one wing and an engine with sunrise in the background.Analyze the following case study from the Hunt Library: Hudson, S. & Hudson, L. (2017). Marketing in Action: Low Cost Airlines Take Off. Links to an external site.In M. Waters (Ed.), Marketing for tourism, hospitality & events: A global & digital approach. London, UK: SAGE

The case explains the growth in popularity of budget airlines and how low cost airlines are expanding their services to meet the needs of the global market. After reading the case study, address the following topics:

Choose three airlines and compare/contrast the different pricing strategies they are following.
What benefits do airline customers seek when they buy air travel tickets?
What external and internal factors affect airline pricing decisions?