1.4 Exercise: Article Review

Words: 466
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

Many corporations are improving the capabilities of traditional Business Intelligence (BI) systems to permit superior monitoring, measurement, and management of business performance than ever before.

The principal goal of performing visual analytics is to develop a mental and/or smart model of an evident piece of reality echoed in data. The objective of the model may be to comprehend, to predict, or to govern this part of reality.

Complete the following:
Refer to The Plan for Articles Critique.
Review the article (Links to an external site.) introduced in Module 1 Readings by Jan Gryk.
In an APA formatted paper of approximately 2 pages:
Present the main idea(s) and best practices, or lessons learned from the journal article.
Write an additional paragraph as a reflection or critique of the article.
As you proceed with your reflection or critique, tell us how can you apply what you learned to your career.
Make sure to provide a reasonable form of justification in your response.
Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.