Discussion: Making Decisions

In real life and the corporate world, there are no right decisions. There are only satisfactory decisions. Your goal, most of the time, is to find the best possible satisfactory decision.

Discuss your views about this statement. Make sure to provide a reasonable form of justification in your response.

Make your initial post prior to the end of the first module week in order to receive credit. You may start responding to initial posts and discussing with peers at any time.

Also, think about your module readings as you address the following in your responses:

How do the postings help support your understanding of Module 1 & 2 Objectives?

Module 1 Objectives:
Identify what a decision management system is and why organizations need one. (LO 3)
Examine agile, analytic, and adaptive decision management systems. (LO 3)
Explain how decision management systems change organizations. (LO 3)

Module 2 Objectives:
Identify the types of decisions and the nature of decision-making. (LO 4)
Identify the components of a traditional information system. (LO 4)
Address the characteristic capabilities of a decision management system. (LO 4)

What remaining questions do you have?

Make sure to also draw a connection to the role of analytics and visual analytics in particular in transforming our decision-making. Are you in favor of these technologies? Yes/No? Why?

As our life grows more dynamic and less structured, intuition achieves further appreciation as a critical decision-making tool. Do you think of intuition as an important aspect of decision-making?

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