Write a research paper outlining the importance of an organization’s vision, mission, and values.

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Write a research paper outlining the importance of an organization’s vision, mission, and values.Creating a compelling vision and developing a strategy to achieve it is one of leadership’s primary functions. Historically, only top leaders understood the organization’s vision well enough to organize human and material resources to achieve it. Today, however, leaders at every level of the organization must understand the vision. Strategic leadership and excellence in organizational performance do not come about by accident. It is a conscious choice made by organizational leaders. Top leaders know their organization’s environment, have a five- or ten-year vision for the organization and set believable plans to achieve their vision. However, in this complex and ever-changing world, anticipating the future can be very difficult.

This complexity explains why many leaders are more comfortable focusing on clear, short-term goals than on uncertain, long-term visions. Therefore, leaders must keep their focus on the long-term vision as daily tasks that meet the long-term goals of the organization. Leadership gets their marching orders from the mission statement. The mission statement sets the purpose of the company.

Write a 2– to 3-page paper examining the importance of leadership vision and mission to the leader and the organization. Examine the consequences of a leader without a vision and an organization without a vision. Consequences may relate to an organization internally, as well as relationships with vendors, shareholders, customers, or clients. Explain how the mission statement helps drive the vision of a company. Include in your paper how DEI contributes to a shared vision and mission and why a shared vision and mission can contribute to improving organizational performance.

Assess the importance of vision to the leader and an organization.
Evaluate the consequences of a leader without vision and an organization without a vision.

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