Write a 1250-1500 word paper that expands upon one of the themes covered in class (politics, race, gender, economic disparities in music, etc.).

You MUST include:

NO WEBSITES!!!! Turnitin will include references to all websites; therefore, websites are only allowed for accessing photos or audio files. I want you to push yourselves to access information that is not from the web!
Yes, you can download journal articles, such as Popular Music, via the web. I will provide you information how to access these journals.
You can use Oxford Music Online.
You CANNOT USE THE TEXTBOOK as a source. This project is about providing NEW information.
Bibliography, regardless of what topic you choose you can use whatever style is appropriate for your department (MLA, Chicago, etc.). You MUST have a minimum of THREE scholarly sources. These can include books by scholars (not artist autobiographies), journal articles (which CAN be accessed online), and interviews accessed from newspapers and magazines.
Citations this includes 1) quoted material, 2) the general ideas of an author, i.e. unquoted material but not your ideas. If quoted, put the quotation in quotation marks and provide a citation. If unquoted, put the citation at the end of the sentence or paragraph that includes the authors ideas or theories. READ THE SHORT SECTION ON PLAGIARISM THAT I HAVE ATTACHED. Plagiarism includes using large portions of anothers work in a near word-for-word manner, without providing a quotation. Thus, dont use sentence after sentence from another source put in your own words!
Also, make sure that you put periods and commas INSIDE quotation marks. So-and-so said, blah, blah, blah. And for parenthetical citations, use the author name, short title, and page number: According to Waterman, blah, blah, blah (Starr and Waterman, American Popular Music, 95). In this case, the period comes at the end of the parenthesis.
If your project includes photographs, include a separate listing of the cites you accessed. In this case, you CAN use Wikipedia because their photos are all available for public use.
Use no more than 10% of quoted material this paper is to be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If all you do is quote, then you essentially have written nothing.
Just another reminder, all projects will be submitted through Turnitin so dont even take a chance on plagiarism. It is a violation of the Student Honor Code and is reportable to the Office of Student Conduct. Cite your sources!!
Your skills as a writer will be taken into consideration for your grade. Therefore, PROOFREAD before turning in your assignment. Look for spelling errors, mistakes in grammar, poor sentence structures.
State your THESIS what is the main point of your paper/project?
Essays must be double-spaced with 12-point font.
All projects and papers must have a title.
Write out numbers: when he was fourteen years old

Write a 1250-1500 word paper that expands upon one of the themes covered in class (politics, race, gender, economic disparities in music, etc.). Some examples are: The Music of the Civil Rights Movement, Women and the Music Business, Disco and Homosexual Identity, Music as an Anti-War Statement, the Intersection of Gender and Race in 1960s Soul Music, Women Musicians of the 1980s, Kesha and the #MeToo movement, Kendrick Lamar: Hip-Hop in the Age of Black Lives Matter, Music and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Songwriting and The Business of Music, EDM and the Dance Revolution, “Despacito” and the New Hybridity of Pop Music, etc.
BE SPECIFIC. Try not to wander aimlessly state your thesis and make sure that every paragraph addresses it.

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