Ethics, Environment, and Social Reform

You will compare the Earth Charter (EC) with the Blue River Quorum Declaration (BRQD) in your essay. As has been the norm in the course, linking previous readings and discussions from Units One and Unit Two, along with the readings of Unit Three is expected as part of your interpretive work. Your paper will explain if your group thinks one of the two declarations (EC and BRQD) is more effective, or if both are necessary, for the application of an ecological ethic? Explain why. In your discussion account for these four concerns:

1. What are the different contexts that are assumed for each document: that there are different contexts from which to see and enact ethical positions means what for personal preferences as a point of contention in ethical discussions?
2. What types of ethical discourse and behaviour are used to persuade the reader? Do they tap into the moral sense of nature?
3. What are the strengths and benefits of each document?
4. Should ethics be social or merely personal/private? What do these documents teach us about this question?

I have attached a document with a brief idea of a plan for the paper (whether you go along with it is up to you), my course notes to help with sourcing information as well as a document outlining what the professor expects for papers.

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