* Why is the problem important in the area of corporate crime or regulation of corporate crime?

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Subject: Research Writing

I’ve copy-pasted the required instructions below, and attached a proposal to help get started on this paper.
use your own words (rather than quotations or lengthy paraphrasing) wherever possible. Doing so demonstrates that you understand the material and, also, tends to require fewer words. Wherever you quote directly you must enclose the text in quotation marks (“-“), write the author’s last name (in some cases, the title of the readings accepted if you are unclear about the author), and page number of the text. The over-quoted paper will be degraded as direct quotes do not count as your own work, no matter how carefully you have chosen the quote. You need to incorporate the in-text citation style described in the editorial guidelines for the McGill Guide to Legal Citation.
In the discussion of your research paper, consider thinking about the following questions:

* What is the problem? What things are involved?

* Why is the problem important in the area of corporate crime or regulation of corporate crime?

* What is the larger implication of the problem you identified? You can also attempt any policy recommendation or answer: how can the problem be solved?
Evaluation Criteria:

You have followed the instructions properly or not. All the contents such as narrowed topic, research question, the purpose of the research, thesis statement, or hypothesis [the point of your argument], theoretical framework, methods, discussion and analysis, conclusion etc.

You must identify a problem that is closely tied to a corporate or white-collar crime or regulating corporate crime from a Canadian or international perspective.

Your research paper must have a clearly defined thesis statement and some discussion on how you intend to support that thesis. Choosing your own thesis is part of this assignment and demonstrates your ability to relate your acquired knowledge to actual problem situations.

If it offers an interdisciplinary study.

How effective your arguments are.

I will see the quality of the sources. Quality of research includes the relevance and credibility of your sources. Your paper will be assessed on how relevant and credible the sources are.

Relevancy: You are asked to write an independent research paper on the regulation of corporate crime. It involves relating your topic to the matters discussed in secondary sources

Organization and clarity of presentation: This includes whether your arguments logically flow. You are encouraged to use subheadings to help organize your essay.

Spelling and grammar: It is unacceptable to have spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid using informal words and phrases.

Papers that mainly restate facts and statements from other sources are not research but rather summaries. You have to incorporate your own argument throughout the paper. Only summaries will receive a low or even failing grade.