What is the biotechnology, how does it work and how is it applied to be used in treating a disease/illness?

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The purpose of this activity is to encourage open-minded discussion on various biotechnological applications used in medicine today.

The videos below discuss and show examples of biotechnology (i.e., gene therapy, gene editing and CRISPR) used in medical treatments today. Please select one of the videos to watch and then address the Module 15 Discussion questions.

Identify a specific biotechnology used in medical treatments and discuss the following:

What is the biotechnology, how does it work and how is it applied to be used in treating a disease/illness?
Are there any risks associated with the application?
What is the benefit of the application?
How is this biotechnology available to the general public?
Where in the treatment of disease/illnesses is this biotechnology being used? What treatment results have been seen/reported?
Assessment Guidelines
Research reliable and credible internet resources to learn more about one specific biotechnology (gene therapy, gene editing or CRISPR) and the use of that specific biotechnology in modern medicine.
Address the discussion prompts in your initial post; it should be in the range of 400 – 500 words. Your discussion must be supported by at least two additional reliable and credible resources in addition to the information presented in class and the required readings.
It is a requirement to use two additional reliable and credible sources (one must be a primary source and the other can be a primary or secondary source; linked below) in your initial post in conjunction with what is presented in the class, the Module 15 Discussion directions, and required readings. All information used from sources used must be cited per APA UNE Library APA Style Guide linked below. If no additional sources are used to supplement your responses, it is an automatic ‘0’ for the Module 15 Discussion.
Primary & Secondary Sources for the Sciences
APA Style Guide
Cite your sources and format your references in APA format.
Respond to at least two other students’ postings contributing to an ongoing discussion. Response posts should be in the range of 200300 words.