Goals Statement

Goal statement
This goal statement is used as a source of information and also as an example of your writing ability. Be as specific as possible and focus on your professional goals and how you envision these goals can be achieved through study at UCSF and in your designated area of specialization. It should be approximately two double-spaced typewritten pages in length, and should include the following information in the subsequent order if possible:
Your understanding of the nursing profession
Reasons for seeking advanced specialty preparation as part of a nursing program
Reasons for choosing the specific specialty area you seek
What factors (i.e. career goals, life challenges/personal experiences, professional work to
date) are influencing you to make this decision on your career choice?
What do you see as the outcome of the academic course of study that you are selecting?
Any additional information you believe relevant to the admissions decision.
**basically needs to describe why I am the ideal candidate, my nursing experience, why UCSF, how UCSF will help me achieve my career goals, why this specialty track, reasons for choosing this role, and what I plan to do with it