What is a Country Risk Analysis in the professional world?

Finished Product: Country Risk Analysis – 6 pages, double-spaced, title page (optional) and references list count separately as well as any tables or appendices you wish to use.


This assignment is a research essay. Please use at least six peer-reviewed journal articles in preparing this assignment. You may access peer-reviewed articles from our Library databases. Also, you will need to obtain some current information. You will have a total of about 12 sources for the assignment (6 peer-reviewed, 6 primary sources with current information).

Hospital Scrubs on the Subway? – The New York Times

Case Study:

You are a political research analyst for a Fortune 500 company in the United States. Your company manufactures professional uniforms using off-shore manufacturing facilities. Until now, most all your manufacturing has been in China. With the Trump Administration’s change to import/export strategies concerning China in 2018, you have been asked to find 2 viable alternatives for the manufacture of cotton hospital scrubs from the Emerging Markets category.

Choose 2 countries from the Emerging Markets category – but NOT China or Taiwan.

Address the following:
1. Find two viable alternative states (countries) for production of cotton hospital scrubs, limiting your choices to those found in the Emerging Markets category above.
2. Think about 4-5 subheadings for your paper to organize your thoughts for the Board. It is up to you how you present your ideas to the Board. Think about what you’ve learned so far in the course as possible risk factors for doing business in developing states. You might ask yourself a series of questions to answer in the report: What two countries are you selecting and why? Historically, how have these two countries developed and how do they compare in political development? What are some of the ongoing issues that might be difficult with these choices? Which of the two states would you recommend overall and why? What would you expect the outcome to be five years from now if your firm agreed to your selection?
3. Make sure the report is easy to read with lots of subheadings for your busy Board of Directors. It needs to be written in complete sentences with no grammatical, spelling, or style errors. The best way to achieve that is to write over the six-page limit by a couple of pages and then edit it to the most important points. But this is your paper, your product – so however you achieve optimal results, go for it! It will be tempting to write in first person, as in “I choose Brazil and Peru …” but avoid that. Write your report in third person – no “I” or “we” or “my” or “you.” This will help avoid any bias in reporting and is the professional standard of the field of IR.
4. The assignment is due on Sunday, Week 6 at 11:55pm ET. Upload your Word document (.doc, .docx) here in Assignments. Any questions, please ask!

Importance of peer-reviewed articles: Journal articles show the ongoing (structural) social, political, and economic problems that countries have. We want you to bring in some serious academic studies that emphasize issues you find important in your analysis. You need at least 6 peer-reviewed articles to go along with the current information in your analysis, or 3 per country that you choose. Think-tank and government sources are not peer-reviewed – they are done “in house” and contain the bias of the organization creating them. We want you to find true journal articles. If you need help finding them, please ask your instructor or our APUS librarians. The library has valuable tools in learning how to search the journal databases.

Here are the additional documents you need to review:

What are emerging markets?

What is a Country Risk Analysis in the professional world?

How to evaluate country risk

Quick check on parameters of the assignment: 6 pages double-spaced; 12 sources (6 peer-reviewed, 6 primary)

To distinguish types of sources see https://guides.library.cornell.edu/c.php?g=31867&p=201758

General Instructions for Assignments and Rubrics

All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom. Use 12 pt. font and double-space. Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put your name on the file. Insert page numbers. In-text citations to the readings should be included (the textbook and the journal articles as applicable). A reference list should be included at the end of your document. See the rubric attached for how your work will be evaluated.

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