Discuss how the two terms are related. To do so, students will likely need to define the terms, but this is more than defining.

Please answer the following four topics. Your answers need to be at least a paragraph in length ( a minimum of 6 sentences). Discuss how the two terms are related. To do so, students will likely need to define the terms, but this is more than defining. How are they connected? Explain in at least 6 sentences (or more!).

Stonewall Riots and Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Nixon’s War on Drugs and the prison industrial complex.

Occupied Movement and Eugene Debs.

Navajo code talkers and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs).

Please answer all of the following questions completely in paragraph format. This isn’t a formal essay you do not need to provide an intro and conclusion. Please just answer in complete sentences in organized paragraph format.

5. In at least 10 sentences, describe FEMA and Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Was it sufficient? Explain and defend your position. Be sure to include specifics from the film below. Do you think the response would have been different if the affected population had been Euro-Americans? Explain and defend your position using posted reading and video material. 10 sentences minimum.

6. Briefly describe the history of immigration policies in the United States, beginning in the 1880s, to the 1960s. Was the United States open to all people equally? Explain and defend your position. Why does this matter? How does this information complicate the common statement “I’m not against immigration, just illegal immigration” that we often hear in society? Explain. 12 sentences minimum.

7. Using any three (or more) primary sources from Voices, write a reflection on any of the following themes. The primary sources do not have to be from the same chapter, they can be from any chapter in the textbook. Discuss how the sources explain, illuminate, and/or underscore the theme you choose. This reflection must be at least 14 sentences minimum.

Themes to choose from:
-women confronting patriarchy
-Speaking out against the war machine
-Building community
-Confronting classism and labor inequities
-Confronting racism
-Questioning legal standards and customary norms

8. Choose any three Supreme Court cases from 1950 to the present that have been covered in our weekly modules, and discuss them. For each court case, discuss the following: Why was this court case so important? What was ruled, and how does it affect American society? Did this court case, in your opinion, increase the rule of democracy, or deteriorate it? Explain and defend your position. 14 sentences minimum.

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