What are Gen-Z’s perceptions & motivations concerning climate change activism?

Assignment Question

Research report topic is: “What are Gen-Z’s perceptions & motivations concerning climate change activism?”

write the two part of final research report.

First Part is Instruction ( 2page) specific requirement : In this section you ground your reader for your paper. This means you catch their attention, justify the need for your research topic and question (through your literature review), and “sign post” what you will discuss.

Describe relevant research that has been completed previously (your annotated bibliography should help with this). Describe limitations of previous research (this identifies the “holes” that new research needs to fill-in) and justify the present study (how does your research potentially expand existing knowledge? Or does it replicate existing knowledge?).

The literature review should explain key studies (e.g. study aims, what they did, what they found, what they concluded etc.) but can group studies that are similar (e.g. have found similar results). Your summaries of these studies should be very brief (1-2 sentences) and aimed at creating a narrative that introduces the need for your study. Briefly summarize the study and state clearly the research question or aims of the study.

Second part is Research Report-Theme 2: Knowledge (1 page) specific requirement: In this section, you should interpret the data. This is usually done by presenting your themes and then supporting them with evidence from the analysis, such as quotes. This is then followed by an interpretation of the themes and an explanation of what they represent.