Week 2 Interactive assignment

Select a medium- to large-sized, publicly traded corporation that currently exists in a challenging business environment.

Refer to the seven common categories of trend analysis: Economic, regulatory/legislative, political, demographic, sociocultural, attitude/lifestyle, and technological.

Conduct research using credible online sources of corporate financial information, just be sure that wherever you obtain financial information that you cite your source. Use Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources document for guidance.

Choose one of the seven categories to use as a basis of analysis for this discussion.

Ensure that the time frame is now and that the challenges are continuing.

Provide a general description of the publicly traded company you chose.

Describe the challenges facing the company in the chosen category of analysis.

Assess its current performance in your chosen category of analysis.

Forecast its projected performance in your chosen category of analysis.

Evaluate impending opportunities or challenges that result from your environmental scan.