Unaccompanied Children

Examine the interrelationships among theory, practice, and research.
Analyze epidemiological data related to population health.
Identify opportunities for inter-professional collaboration in the development of strategies to improve population health.
Assignment Directions
Select an article that focuses on a population health issue for your select population.
The article needs to come from a peer-reviewed research journal.
The purpose of the selected article needs to be one of the following:
Providing background information on a health disparity in your select population.
Providing epidemiological data on your select population with recommendations on addressing disparities.
An intervention study grounded in theory, epidemiological data, and reporting findings of a population-focused intervention.
Cite your article using APA (7th ed.) format.
The annotation should be approximately 250-300 words and include the following elements:
Summarize the main purpose and scope of the work.
Describe the intended audience.
Describe any identified theoretical basis.
Explain the value and significance of the work.
Identify strengths and any shortcomings of the work
Describe how this work could be helpful to APRNs or other members of the inter-professional team.

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