The Lottery Analysis

Part I: Summary
Begin with a re-cap of the story (for “The Lottery,” this could mean referencing the movie, the reading, or both)
Highlight only the important details-a re-cap is a CONDENSED version, not a re-telling
Finish the summary with an interpretive statement. What effect does the story have on its audience? Does the story invite us to ponder important philosophical questions?

Part II: Analysis
” Focus on specific details: description, dialogue, plot elements. How do these details convey the brutal elements of the lottery ritual?
You can select details from the movie version and/or the text version.
Some significant details include:
-the black box
-the use of stones
-the fact that children throw stones at parent and vice-versa

Personal Response
Relate the story to a “real world” situation or explore the commentary it makes about our own society
Hint: select a key theme, motif or idea. Do fear-based rules make for a healthy balance between government and citizens? Should people always follow the law? (Please say that no fear based laws is not a healthy balance because it would make us a socialist country . Also that we dont always have to follow the law, we as Americans should know when the government is trying to violate our rights and if they try to do so we have to stand up against the government)

Don’t go off topic! Focus analysis only on details that show the lottery village has a value system in conflict with civilized society
Read the story and watch the movie yourself! Don’t rely on what the internet says about the story or dwell on literary elements such as how the story creates suspense, uses symbolism, has an unexpected ending, etc.

Thank you !!! (: