The Evolution of Fitness Trends Over the Past Decade (2010-2023)

Identifying, researching, and detailing the top fitness trends over the past decade. Examining how and why these fitness trends have evolved to what they are today.

Please include the following information:

Attitudes towards health fitness:
*How do the changes in fitness trends over time reflect the societal attitude towards health and fitness? Ex: “Strong, not skinny,” Body Positivity; Fitness for mental health

How has social media impacted fitness:
*Popular athletic clothing brands
* Unrealistic standards (is social media at odds with the same “body positive attitude” it projects?)

*Wearable tech
*Virtual reality spin classes (Peleton etc.)
*Online Fitness Classes

Types of workouts (include but do not limit to):
*The rising popularity of home workouts (Pandemic workouts)
*Rising popularity of Spin and Cycle classes at home and in the gym
*The boutique fitness industry continues to grow
*Fitness Festivals