Technology as a Teaching Tool

Technology as a Teaching TooL

Technology has had a significant impact on health care. It has improved the quality of care, made it accessible to more people, and changed how it is provisioned. Every day, technology is changing health care, and nursing education is no exception. Technology has changed the way in which both nurses and patients are being educatedtelehealth being a prime example. Advanced practice nurse educators must recognize and embrace the changes in health care catalyzed by technology. In this weeks assignment, you will research technology that could be integrated into the course you are currently developing. You will examine the benefits of incorporating technology into your curriculum and develop an assignment or learning activity that uses the tech tool to help facilitate learning.

For example, in your MSN/NED program, you are required to take an advanced assessment course in which you learn how to conduct advanced patient assessments. To facilitate this, the course incorporates i-Human. I-Human is a technology tool that allows you to conduct health assessments on virtual patients, providing you with a means to safely hone your assessment and clinical reasoning skills.

Research technology tools and innovations that will add value to the course you are creating by improving student engagement and learning.

Select a technology tool to incorporate into your course.

Create an assignment or learning activity that will employ the tech tool you selected. This assignment or learning activity must be related to the course you are developing.

Include the following in your assignment or activity:
o Write 1 or 2 SMART learning objectives that students are to acquire as a result of completing the assignment or activity.
o Identify the tech tool.
o Provide relevant information about its purpose and what it is designed to do.
o Explain how you will use it in your course.
o Provide rationale for its inclusion and define your expectations for how it will impact outcomes.
o Provide detailed instructions for the assignment or activity that clearly explains to students what they will do.

Evaluate how the tech tool will facilitate the desired outcome(s).

Assess any barriers that might prevent this tool from being integrated into the course. Possible barriers include cost, usability, LMS interoperability, and accessibility.

Explain how the assignment or activity fits into your course and how it aligns to the course learning objectives.

Write a 1300-word paper on which you address the prompts above.

Cite a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your assignment.

Format your assignment and references according to APA guidelines.

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