Stress Activity

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Stress Activity
As we have all experienced stress (most likely both negative and positive) at some point, there is value in understanding your own stress level and coping mechanisms in some detail.

First, complete the Determining Your Stress Level assessment on the following site (keep your results handy):

Then, complete the Identification of Coping Styles assessment on the following site:

Once both assessments are completed, answer the following questions.

Report your Potential Level of Stress and the score you received from the Determining Your Stress Level assessment.
Indicate your initial reaction to this score (i.e., Were you surprised? Are there certain events that led to this level of stress?) (3-4 sentences)
Report the number of positive and negative coping techniques you use from the Identification of Coping Styles assessment.
Do you use more positive than negative strategies, or is it the reverse? (3-4 sentences)
What are some ways in which you can maximize your positive coping behaviors? (3-4 sentences)
How can you minimize your negative ones? (3-4 sentences)

I will attach the identification of coping style assessment.