Spiritual Patient Assessment

All paper instructions included in document. Paper asks to conduct spiritual and REALM assessment on someone. That is included in yellow highlighted. I will also include the REALM assessment tool for reference. Also included are three articles to reference. Please include and introduction that is not titled introduction as instructions state, and a conclusion. Also level 1 headings for each section of the paper. Each of these need their own heading:
a. Clients values, preferences, and expressed needs
b. Coordination and integration of care
c. Information-giving related to status, progress, and prognosis
d. Communication
e. Physical comfort
f. Emotional support
g. Involvement of family and friends
h. Transition, continuity, and access to needed care
I would like this paper to be focused on the care of a patient who has been through trauma, loss and addiction and how a nurse can be sensitive and attentive on that persons healing journey. Please use sources provided. No additional required unless needed.