Social Construction

The final paper

The paper should take no less than 6 pages to complete, but no more than 12 pages. The format for this paper is as follows: double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman (or similar) font, with margins at least one inch wide but no wider than 1.25 inches. Citations should follow either APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Papers should be turned in through Canvas (NOT email).

You can write a paper based on this prompt:
Give me your best account/definition of social construction. Who do you most agree with, who do you disagree with, and who are you most influenced by (and why)? Take a stand on the following debates within the social construction literature. Is social construction best thought of causally or constitutively? Does either (or neither) do a good enough job of explaining the social phenomenon of misgendering or passing?

My abstract said something like this:
For my paper, I am going to attempt to answer the prompt that was provided by the professor. I believe that social constructions fall somewhere between both casual and constitutional definitions and I plan to argue for such. I want to provide examples from both causal and constitutional explanations when it comes to social phenomena like misgendering and passing. I would also like to expand past these two concepts to include other aspects of outward appearance and stereotyping that are influenced by social construction as well. I anticipate that the work done by Esa Diaz-Leon and Marques Well help me achieve this goal.

I can provide the Esa Diaz-Leon and Marques papers we read in class as he wants us to use the sources from class.

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