Planning an Organization’s Staffing Needs

Criteria 1
Identify the number of production employees to recruit and hire for CapraTek.
Professor Comment:

I would have liked to see a more detailed explanation of how you arrived at your numbers.

Describe how employment and demographic trends for a selected state impact CapraTek’s workforce planning.
Professor comment:

Please note that you are required to compare employment and demographic trends in your selected state with another state, and this needs to be developed further in your work. This information will need to be cited in APA format both in the body of your assignment and on your References page as well.
Assess elements of CapraTek’s workplace culture that could be developed such that it becomes an employer of choice.

Professor comment:You mentioned some of the very important items. There are many, many things to look at here: compensation, benefits, training, on site amenities, etc. BUT- the number one way to improve these aspects of your business is to ensure that leaders know how to encourage, support and enable their people to feel safe, supportcixed and able to do their best work.

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