Networking and Problem Solving

There are two parts to this discussion. Make sure you address and clearly label both parts (Part A and Part B) in your initial post.

Part A: Networking

The Unit 8 Reading (attached) outlines several different strategies that you can use to build or strengthen your professional network. Select at least two of these strategies and explain how you will put them to use as you strive to make progress with your own professional network in the next 3–6 months. Make sure to use specific ideas and examples to develop your response.

Part B: Problem Solving

How good are you at problem solving?

Download the problem-solving quiz and then answer the questions below to find out.

Based on your quiz results, where do you think you need the most improvement and why?

Which aspect of problem solving is the most challenging for you?

Do a search on the Internet and share a viable resource that could help with problem solving.
Share the URL of your resource and explain why your classmates might want to explocixre the resource for themselves.

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