Military Mishaps and CRM

Read the report (1P_US AIR FORCE MISHAPS.pdf) on the military mishaps. Then create a presentation that assesses the mishap with respect to CRM.

You must include these elements:
1- You will analyze the performance of the pilots and/or crew (and other teammates such as ATC, fire/rescue, dispatch, maintenance, as applicable) with respect to the CRM topics you have learned in this course.
2- Highlight any positive characteristics as well as areas for improvement.
3- In your analysis, include a discussion of the principles of 6th Generation CRM/Threat and Error Management.
4- Do not just summarize the events; include a critical analysis!

Tip: For ideas on analyzing case studies in this course with respect to TEM, refer to the Threat & Error Management (2P_USN CRM Briefing TEM.pptx) or Threat and Error Management (TEM) and Line Operations Safety Assessment (LOSA) Training (3P_full_awareness_2_2012-cami_v3.pdf)

Please divide it into sections in BULLET STATEMENTS STYLE. You have to add notes in each slide so I can talk about it.
Please make sure to address the FOUR elements in this paper!
Any outside sources is forbidden; Please use only the sources I provided!!!
Please add In-Text citation. All citations have to be in APA7 format.
Please add additional slide for references.