Amazon’s Marketing Problems Recommendations

Under the main heading of “RECOMMENDATIONS”, select at least THREE alternatives that your analysis supports as being a good solution for your companys problem. Describe exactly what the company needs to do. State the problem statement and explain why this course of action will solve your stated problem. Include suggestions on how to best implement the alternative(s) you have chosen. Check the recommendations against the problem you identified; be sure the recommendation fits the problem (Please follow the problems from the previous assignment that will be attached). In your summary, describe why the organization would be successful in implementing your recommendations.

This assignment should include a title page, Abstract, headings, cites and references, and font (Times New Roman 12) to be in APA format. Please do NOT use Wikipedia etc., Use as many scholarly resources as possible. NO Opinions so every paragraph should include a minimum of 1 in-text citation to avoid plagiarism. There is NO exact number of sources for this assignment. Please add heading and subheading to make the readings easier to follow for each recommendation made. DO NOT forget to add the abstract.

Please read the attachments to be able to make recommendations for Amazon’s marketing problems and the alternatives found.