Management Control Report

What I expect from you is a report with the implementation of the topics in Management Control. The best way to do this is through a short business case of the business unit/department you are working in right now, (I’m chose in a PMT organization)

The report structure should cover the followings at least in 4 pages:

1. Where in the organizational structure you are (the department or Business Unit) and main functions developed. (please skip this item as i will develop it myself)

2. Which type of responsibility center you are and why. (our PMT department is a cost centre)

3. If a profit or investment center, the Transfer Pricing policy you use (i think not applicable in our case)

4. How you evaluate the performance right now.

5. Take a yearly or monthly budget of your business unit and explain it (if it is a cost center, then just the cost part) ; (misguiss the numbers)

6. Compare with an actual, and explain variances. (misguiss the numbers)

7. Calculate the ROI, RI, EVA for both budget and actual (If some number missing, make an assumption)

8. Sketch out a Balanced Scorecard of your department (very important)

9. Final conclusions (briefly)

I encourage you to misguiss and make assumption of the numbers you need to develop the report so I dont disclose any private information of the organization i work with)

should you need any further information or should you require a copy of the course content please let me know.

*no sources required
*should I select another Discipline other than Business please advice

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