Bail Trap by Nick Pinto

In your introduction, give an overview of the topic, use statistics from your research to show how bad mass incarceration is in our country, and write a thesis statement (the main idea of the essay) at the end of the introduction. In body paragraphs 1 and 2, summarize why Tomlin and Adrianna were arrested, the bail they were asked to pay and their inability to pay, and the consequences they suffered. In body paragraph 3, discuss what bail used to be, what it is today, and the reason why it is used in this way today. Use at least two statistics (one national, one New York city) that support the author’s argument.
Try to use topic sentences to start each of body paragraphs. For example, “One victim of this abuse of bail is Tomlin,” “Another victim is Adrianna,” “Bail’s purpose has changed over time.”
Use a short quote from the assigned reading in each of the body paragraphs. Here is a format for quoting: According to Pinto, “….” (5), Or: “……..” (Pinto 5).
In the conclusion, include a summary of your main ideas and a call for action, for example, “The situation is bad. Let’s work together to reform the bail system.”
At the end of the essay, list the assigned reading and your research using alphabetical order. Here is the format for listing the source: Last name of the author, First name of the author. “Title of the Article in Quotation Marks.” Title of the Magazine or Newspaper in Italics. Date of publication. Web address.
The essay will be graded on sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar as well as on content. Please edit and proofread carefully.
Use #12 font and double space. Save your essay as a doc or PDF file and then upload it to Blackboard by using the view/compete button in “Essay Submissions.”