Leadership Style Analysis and Application

You have been introduced to the main leadership style models currently in the literature. As a new principal, it will be important to know which model you ascribe to as part of the transition from teacher to school leader. In addition to understanding your dominant leadership style, you must also begin to consider how this transition will impact other aspects of your personal and professional life.

In this assignment, you will write a 4- to 6- page essay on the leadership transition you will make from teacher or other position to principal and consider the breadth of the principals responsibilities. In this analysis paper, you will review principal leadership standards, define and analyze different leadership models, identify which leadership style may be dominant for you, how you came to identify that as your dominant style, and the probable social and emotional changes that may challenge you in this new role.

Step 1. Access
Access the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) linked on the Learning Objects page and the principal standards for your state.

To find the principal standards for your state, use an internet browser to search for principal standards for [your state]”.

These standards operationalize the responsibilities of principals. They provide a straightforward answer to what are principals supposed to do?

Step 2. Review and Define
Review the Module 1 presentations, this modules readings, and at least two additional journal articles from the ACE Library to research the following leadership styles:

Step 3. Create
Create a narrative that briefly describes the leadership styles (Step 2) and identifies and describes your dominant leadership style in greater detail. Provide evidence and examples to support your assertions, including feedback you have received from others that helped you arrive at your decision.

Step 4. Identify
After explaining your dominant leadership style, identify aspects of both your professional and personal life that may be impacted by the transition from teacher or other position to school leader. These could be social changes, relational changes, emotional challenges, etc.

Step 5. Analyze
Think about how your leadership style will intersect with the responsibilities of the principalship as outlined in the PSEL standards and your state standards. What standards will be strengths for you and why? What standards will be most challenging and why?