1.Where does the hospitality industry begin?
2.Businesses in the hospitality industry provide what two main functions?
3. Describe one way the hospitality industry has helped to unite warring factions in other countries?
4. What is the original name, location, and opening year of the oldest known still-operating lodging facility? Why was it renamed?
5. Who was the father of the hotel industry and what did they do?
6. How did Hilton incorporate itself into the gaming market?
7. What were some of the first chain names in the hospitality industry? How did they start and how are they today?
8. What are timeshares and vacation ownership?
9. Name 2 hotel companies that are franchised and the number of hotels they have franchised.
10. Who was the most notable for bringing standard processes, products, and procedures to the restaurant industry? What did they do to earn this label?
11. Which hotel company introduced standard operating procedures to the hotel industry?
12. Hotels and restaurants face different barriers to entry. Describe what barriers both hotels and restaurants face?