Identify the special population that you have chosen and explain why you selected this population.
Discuss your thoughts and preconceived notions about someone in this population.
Discuss what barriers that you might experience if you were to interact with someone from this population.
What are some strengths that you think someone from this population might have?
Discuss myths/stereotypes that are prevalent about someone in this population. What does the textbook say about these stereotypes? Does the info from the text strengthen or weaken your preconceived notions about this special population? (Cite data from the literature about myths or stereotypes about this population.)
If an individual in this population were to need the assistance of a social worker, what is it that you would want the social worker to know about the individual?
What are some advocacy issues for social workers working with this population?
As a result of this assignment, what have you learned about yourself, making assumptions, or other lessons

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