Freedom & Security

For this assignment, you will summarize and respond to the readings related to one of the social issues covered in weeks 2-4.

Select one of the social issues covered -freedom and security.
Now choose two of the readings selections related to that social issue. For each of those two readings,

write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the reading selection.

write a 1-2 paragraph response to the reading selection.

First present the 1-2 paragraph summary and the 1-2 paragraph response for your first reading selection.

Then, present the 1-2 paragraph summary and the 1-2 paragraph response for your second reading selection.

You are required to use two sources for this assignment. (See Attached)

Since your sources are from assigned course readings, you do not need to include formal citations. However, you should demonstrate basic attribution. This means you should reference the article titles and authors in your summary-response. For example:

In the reading selection, “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work,” Jean Anyon discusses how American schools are set up to fully educate students from upper-class backgrounds and to give a limited education to students from lower-class backgrounds.

You should submit your summary-response for both readings in a single document/file.
Your paper should include a header consisting of your name and the assignment name and a title that reflects your specific essay focus. (See example below.)

Your paper should be typed, double-spaced and in 11 or 12-point font.

Your summary and response for each of the reading selections should be a minimum of two paragraphs (about 400-500 words) in length. This means that your total document will be 4-8 paragraphs (abocixut 800-1000 words) in length.

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