Final Written Proposal and Presentation

Words: 463
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

I would like an EXPERT writer in the field of Technology Management to complete the following assignment. The assignment needs to be completed professionally and in perfect english.
Attached you will find my capstone project proposal drafts and case study. Both documents will introduce the writer my capstone idea he will need to work on and develop with this assignment.

Assignment: The Final Written Project Proposal is a one-page summary, which defines the project, sets out the value proposition, identifies and describes briefly the target market, and explains how this project establishes a competitive advantage in the selected marketplace. This deliverable will become the one-page Executive Summary of the whole Capstone Project, and it serves as the reference point for the Business Plan, Financial Model, and Decision Presentation deliverables. The Project Proposal must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file in APA style.

I also need a professional 5 slide power point presentation that summarizes the capstone final written proposal.
Power Point Structure:
Title page 1.Agenda 2.Value proposition 3.Market opportunity 4.Competitive differentiation 5.Closing slide (next steps)