Film Noir: Design of Blade Runner

A research paper on the design elements of the movie Blade Runner (1982). How the sets and design are used to create strong scenic elements. Focus on the film in relation to Film Noir.

The Research Paper is a medium-length paperabout 6-12 pages of double-spaced text. The purpose of the Research Paper is to carefully observe and interpret movies that fall into the category of film noir. The topic of the paper is left open: You can do an analysis of a particular movie, or trace a motif through a group of movies, or review some aspect of the critical literature on film noir, or propose some other option to me. My expectations are (1) that you will approach the movies that we see as texts, that is, as objects of serious study; (2) that you will use and cite in your paper the material in our course reading; and (3) that you will find, use and cite materials from outside of the course (books, articles, reputable websites, etc.)

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