Explain the various roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining high-quality early childhood environments.

Explain the various roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining high-quality early childhood environments.
Develop effective administrative systems to support program goals.
Identify fiscal management procedures and tools.
Create a plan for personnel management and staff development.
Explain operations in the context of best practices for children, families, and staff.
Analyze methods for building positive community relations and promoting policies that create developmentally appropriate programs for children and families.

Student Success Criteria

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For the past 22 years, you have worked in the same early childhood center. You began working as an assistant teacher in the 2-year-old program; then for the next 5 years, you worked as the lead teacher with 4-year-olds in the Pre-Kindergarten program. Then you were promoted to early childhood director and held that position for 15 years. You have made the decision to retire, although you have assured the center’s owner that you will assist with the hiring and training of a qualified director.

You decide to design an Orientation Plan that will enable you to share important information with prospective candidates for the director position. The plan will include information you will create regarding the mission of your center, the director’s role, state-mandated rules, budget management, personnel management, curriculum, community relations and a final analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your program. Use the resources within the course as well as your own experience to guide you. You may also want to reach out to a director of a local program in your area or seek information from your instructor.


Using the information shared within Deliverables 1-6, you will create an Orientation Plan that encompasses key elements of your early childhood program. The Orientation Plan will be created using Microsoft PowerPoint and will be used during the interviewing of all prospective candidates for the position of Early Childhood Director.

In addition, you will include supporting information in the “Notes” section of each slide within your PowerPoint presentation. A minimum of one paragraph elaborating on the information shared within the slide.

Within your PowerPoint presentation, address the following:

Slide 1: Title of Presentation, Welcome to Applicant, and Picture
Include your name and the name of your fictitious early childhood program.
Slide 2: Mission Statement
Develop a clear Mission Statement (no more than 3-4 sentences).
Identify the goals of your program? Be specific.
Within the Notes section include: one (1) paragraph explaining the importance of your mission and the role it plays within your early childhood program?

Refer to the information shared within the textbook, Chapter 2 – Assessing Community Need and Establishing a Program.

Slides 3-6: Role of the Early Childhood Director
Using the information within the course, name and describe at least five (5) of the key duties of an Early Childhood Director. Include this information in bullet point format.
Hiring responsibility
Curriculum design
Hours of work
Planning and Conducting Parent Meetings
Family Relationships
Building Community Connections
Classroom Teacher
Within the Notes section include: specific detail on each of these jobs and the role of the director. Your details should provide a clearer picture of what each jobs or roles entail.
On Slide 6: Discuss your thoughts about the role of the Early Childhood Director, explain why it is important to wear many different hats.

Slides 7-10: Rules and Regulations
Discuss four (4) specific rules from your State’s Rules and Regulations Manual. Use the module 02 content and readings as a guide.
Each rule should be shared within a specific slide, which will include:
A title that explains the rule.
The exact rule copied directly from your State’s webpage. Use a direct in-text citation, using APA format and include reference on the final reference slide
A sentence or two of explanation about why you feel the rule is important.
Within the Notes section of Slide 10 include: describe how you, as the Director, ensures that your early childhood center is in compliance with your state’s Rules and Regulations.

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