Explain the main ideas of the practice theory with citations.

After reading about CBT (module, peer reviewed articles, online resources, and tools) read and select one of the class cases on the next module page.
Decide whether you’ll be responding with CBT or SFBT and indicate that in the first line of your post. Post your answers to the following questions in either a video or paper format. You are welcome to submit this partially by video and partially by written paper if you like. Students can use the embed kaltura media option in the text editor to submit their videos through the text editor in the Discussion.
Explain the main ideas of the practice theory with citations.
Case Summary: Summarize the sociodemographic characteristics and presenting concerns of the client.
Describe, with research evidence, the reason that this practice theory would be effective with this client (find and discuss articles about using the practice theory effectiveness with your chosen client based on client’s characteristics and presenting concerns).
Describe, with research evidence, what would be problematic about using this practice theory with this client (consider the scope of the theory, the characteristics of the client, and the needs of the client; how is there a poor fit between this practice theory and this client?).
Write a dialogue between yourself (as the social worker) and the client that demonstrates 3 different techniques of this practice theory with this client.
Discuss, with evidence and specifics, how you would apply anti-oppressive practice to your work with this individual.
After considering some of your colleagues’ views, respond to at least 3 of them. Identify what you agree with and include your rationale, comment on what you disagree with and include your rationale. You can respond to either the CBT posts, but make sure you incorporate evidencixce on what you critique.

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