Discuss the differences between research and evidence based practice (EBP).

Evidence-Based Practice, IOWA Model and PICO Questions

Emergency department is the unit

In class we discussed the differences between research and evidence based practice (EBP). We have spent the past few weeks developing a research proposal and on this week, we will look at topics from an evidence-based perspective.

This assignment will incorporate a few activities focused on how EBP unfolds in healthcare and its different settings. Please submit a 3-5-page paper with all of the elements below addressed.

1) Watch the videos on the IOWA model and the PICO question process
2) Read the following article on Moodle:

Brown, C.G. (2014). The Iowa model of evidence-based practice to promote quality care: An illustrated example in oncology nursing. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 18(5), 157-159.
3) Select ONE of the following activities and answer. Reflect on your practice:
Activity 1: Consider the care that is currently provided in your area of clinical practice.
identify any areas of care that you feel would benefit from more robust evidence to base practice on.
individually, ask other members of your multidisciplinary team to do the same.
are there any areas of commonality?
explore whether there is evidence available to guide practice in these areas or whether there is no/limited existing evidence.
what can you do if there is no existing evidence base?
Activity 2: Reflect on an incident from practice where you have been involved in providing care to a patient but did not have an evidence base to justify that care.

what was the context in which the incident took place?
why did this specific incident have significance for you?
what were your concerns at the time?
what were you thinking as the incident happened?
what were you feeling during and after the incident?
what aspect of the incident did you find most difficult?
what, with hindsight, might you have done differently if you available evidence?

4) Using the clinical problem or incident you reflected on above, create a PICO question (T) is optional. Develop the question using the form titled PICOT Question Form found on Moodle.

5) Using the Iowa model steps as identified in the video and the above article, discuss how you would investigate this clinical problem using this model.

Discuss the following specifically:

A. Explain whether the trigger event is knowledge based or triggered by an event.
B. Describe who would be included in the team exploring the problem
C. Briefly describe how you would gather the evidence and make a decision about whether to change.

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